The Mermaid Problem


Mermaid Problem


4 Responses to “The Mermaid Problem”

  1. 1 aniche

    clearly the first one she has tits and lips.

    • 2 EtienneDR

      I disagree, she doesn’t have a vagina so she can’t reproduce. reproduction should be your no. 1 priority when stranded on an island. So clealy you should choose the reverse-mermaid.

      • 3 DeltaBird

        LOL did you really just reply to a message from 4 years ago? And secondly, you’re stranded, not the last people on Earth. Why would you need to reproduce? It’s not like you are going to start a new civilization on this island of your own inbred children. Lastly, who would want to reproduce with B… think about your children and their half fish heads… and wouldn’t B have to breathe underwater anyway? 😀

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